Download Criminal Case Mod APK For Android And IOS


Criminal case is an investigation game. Now use criminal case mod APK and get free energy. Also get unlimited money, cash, and hints. It is a very popular game on Facebook. It is now available on Android and IOS. There are millions of players worldwide play this game. In the criminal case, player solves murder mysteries. At crime location, the player finds clues and solves murder mysteries. You can get the highest number if you find clues in short time. You will get a reward after solving the case. You can use game currency to do other tasks in the game. Players also investigate the evidence and find the suspect. At the end of the stage, a player must identify the killer from suspects. Players can see profiles of suspects so he can identify the killer
There are many criminal cases in the game. Some cases are complicated and some cases are simple. You can earn a medal after solving each case. You can proceed to another stage after solving the first stage. With the gold medal, you can buy pet which will help you to solve the case. There are other rewards and gifts which you can earn by progressing in the game. With criminal case free Mod Apk you can have free hints, medals, and currency. Energy is very important in the game. you can have orange juice, chips, and burger to increase your energy. You can play it your friends too and be the best detective.
You can play criminal case online or on your devices. You can share your investigation skills on social media with your friends. this game is free to play. You can buy things to get fast progress in the game. You can buy instant access and instant analysis. You can buy burgers and complete meal to increase your energy. The criminal case is updating all the time and players are getting more interesting cases. So what you are waiting for be a detective and install it today. don’t forget to watch our other games.

Criminal Case Mod APK

Criminal case is the most famous game on Facebook. It is available to play on Android and IOS devices. Player plays this game as a detective. At a crime scene, player investigates and find out a killer. There are pieces of evidence at every crime location. To solve murder mysteries you must collect all evidence and investigate it. You will have some suspects in the game. After the investigation, you must find out the criminal from the suspects. It is free game to play. You can do some purchases to get fast progress in the game. Solve simple and complicated cases. You can use our criminal case hack apk which will give you unlimited free stars, hint, and energy. With new updates, you can have new cases. You can play it on social media, Android and IOS devices. There are millions of players world wide playing this game. so be a detective and install it.

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How To Get Criminal Case Free APK Mod

It is very easy to install the criminal case. Just follow the following steps and be a detective. Start your first criminal case.

  • Click the button showing below to download criminal case.
  • When the download completes open setup and installs the criminal case.
  • After installation, you can start playing or you can check the guide to use APK mod criminal case.
  • Now be a detective and start your first criminal case.

Download Mod APK Free Energy Criminal Case

Mod APK Hack Criminal Case
Criminal case mod APK will give you unlimited energy and hints. It is the most famous game on Social media. You can play it on Android and IOS devices. It beats candy crush on facebook. It is very interesting to be a detective. You are going to investigate a criminal case. You will be at murder place and you have to find clues to catch the criminal. There will be some suspects with their profile. With clues, you can identify the suspect. There are hundreds of cases. New cases updates with new updates. You can use APK mod free Criminal case so you can get free hints and energy. Hints will help you to find clues and energy are very important to play the game. You can increase your energy by drinking juice eating burger or chips. At each crime place, there will be some clues. You have to identify these clues. You can use hint option to get clues. Hints are very important if you are not able to find clues, hints will help you. It is free to play. so what you are waiting for install it today and have fun. We are providing top rated games. You may also like these games. So check our other games too.

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